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Well I am

  • a 40 year plus first time Mum

That growing cohort in the world.  I know people have varying views on what constitutes an appropriate age for parenthood.  I can say that I was younger when I had my daughter than when my mother and father had me!

  • a kiwi living in Melbourne, Australia

Also nothing unusual!  According to the census data I fall into the third largest population group in Australia.

  • a research scientist who has moved into management

Well I must have been doing something if it took me to be more than 40 years of age before the arrival of a child!  I stayed at university for what some people describe as forever.  And then about 10 years later went back again for even more study, albeit in a different area.

 Digital Parents

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  1. Hi, just dropped by to thank you for liking my post. I am new to blogging and have been enjoying reading your blog. Knitting is also one of my pastimes and although I don’t mind the making up part I am currently working on a jumper for myself which has been a work in progress for 4 years now! Also am a fan of deramores. Sophie


  2. Thanks for the like! I enjoyed reading your post about working full time. I am just returning to work after 10 months maternity leave. It’s really hard and I have this continuous conflict of work versus motherhood.


  3. Interestingly, I am also a lapsed lab-scientist. Moved to the dark side of science communication and management 8 years ago… Much easier on family life, it has to be said!
    And despite being on the other side of the planet, I have kiwi family near Masterton. Lovely to “meet” you! 🙂


  4. What an awesome story! I love your sense of humor and your decision to become a mom (best thing ever in my opinion)! 🙂 Your tagline is my favorite!


    1. Always good to touch base with a fellow kiwi! I’m mostly from Thames – a bit of tale there. Melbourne is pretty cool. Though have to say that Auckland has to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the view of Rangitoto.


  5. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m a first-blogger AND first-time mama! And in case I gave no clue about where I live, you’ve stumbled across a blog from hours and miles away, in Manila, Philippines!

    And Kia Ora to you! Lived in gorgeous Queenstown for a few months, 3 years ago!


    1. Queenstown is gorgeous. I visited there for the first time (and only so far) about three years ago. As a NZer, albeit no longer residing in the country, I was blown away by how stunning it was!


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