Current definition of old dog…

… new tricks!

I did my first ever crochet chain on the weekend – high fives, champagne, streamers! I have wanted to learn for years, and for some reason on the weekend I had the gumption to give it a go. I think this was fuelled by the fact that what I was making simply required a single chain. Not a perfect chain, but I think pretty good for a beginner. Yay me!

crochet north melbourne

Current definition of wisdom…

…from my recently turned five year old daughter this morning. There is only one Santa, one Easter Bunny, and one Tooth Fairy but there are lots of Disneyland’s!

easter bunny tooth fairy santa

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Current definition of a petrol head…


Deep dark confession time. On occasion I am a fan of fast cars. Perhaps even worse I have liked cars since I was quite young.

I am at the F1 Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park this weekend. I have always wanted to go in the grandstand, so this year have grand stand tickets at silly dollars – yay something ticked off my “do before I die” list. And for me worth the price.

And what I am really enjoying…for once it is the male persuasion queuing for the toilets rather than me! Yippee!! How often can a girl say that?

F1 Melbourne

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Current definition of p*ssed off!

We are conscientious in the purchase of goods, an example being buying refills instead of a whole new bottle. With a small child (ok and with messy adults!) spray on stain remover is bloody useful. Bought the refill the other day as getting towards low on the existing bottle. This morning it was time to do the swap over. Not being wasteful I tip the last little bit from the old bottle into the new bottle and then go to screw on the spray part of the bottle. They have changed the bloody size – it does not fit. I am not known as a swearer but I dropped the f-bomb (small child not in the house so no ears were harmed). So I then had to pour the entirely new bottle into the old bottle. I can tell you this is not the way to start a day. P*ssed off! Having vented I now feel much better.

My current definition of overdue…

…when your four and a half year old undoes the kid safety lock for you so you can get the laundry detergent out. Methinks it is time we took that lock off the laundry cupboard door!

overdue north melbourne

Current definition of motherly love…

We buy a bright pink cookie with 100s and 1000s for her, and for me a packet of crisps. What do I eat…that pink smiley face cookie!  Need I say more?!

NOT the current definition of a guilty mother…

On my day off with my little girl when she was having a rare nap (I am so sad those days are now almost gone!) I sat in our courtyard garden to eat my lunch and read a book (something I never do), and instead of stopping once I had eaten I decided to stay put and carry on reading – this should not be the definition of a guilty mother.

I felt a little indulgent and rather relaxed, but a thought pushed its way into my head, I should not feel guilty – it is a day off – if I cannot even feel like I am allowed a couple of hours to myself once in a blue moon there is something wrong. I would like to blame modern life (and there is something in that), but I have to take a share of the blame. Now this is daylight from where I was a year ago.  But the fact that I have entitled this mother guilt still talks of a life too busy, too much on the plate, not enough down time (a conversation that my other half and I actively have, with further steps in motion).

So to all you mums (and dads) out there – there is no guilt in taking some time for yourself – make sure you do from time to time.

north melbourne courtyard

Site of aforementioned book reading. Photo doesn’t do courtyard justice – when sitting on the couch you are looking at the hanging flower baskets on the fence and the sky!