New name and look coming soon…

What’s in a name?

I have decided to rename my blog.  I spent an age at the start trying to think of a clever and catchy blog title for which I could also get the matching email address, hence why this blog has been entitled womaximum.  And even then the email address needed a 1 in it!

As someone who always endeavours to say it simply like it is, to mark the occasion of my little girl turning 9 months this week (where have 9 months gone?!) and to celebrate that we have all survived my first week back at work (albeit that my working week is currently 3 days per week), going forward this blog will now be, because that is what I am.

It does not mean any change to the content, and I sincerely hope that the technical aspect of changing the name does not cause me to lose anyone.  I simply wanted a more accurate representation going forward.

Have found where the obsession that women can have with their dress size starts

I now know where the obsession that women have with their dress size starts…it’s a conspiracy from birth!

Our newborn is just in the process of moving from size 0000 to 000, a milestone for Mum and Dad, but otherwise not particularly noteworthy. However in preparation for such a big transition I got out all of our 000 jumpsuits when thinking this move might be imminent. Lo and behold a size differential I was not expecting between two brands in exactly the same size. What is a baby to do?! Continue reading